Northern Amusements, Inc
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Ficterra - Beta

Horse and Go Seek
Quick Tower Defence Utlimate
Video Games
Mini Game Blast
A 3D Sandbox Crafting Adventure with in-game modding that you can explore solo or with friends. We are part of a community of gamers that want a better, moddable, multi-player crafting experience. We think we've built that with Ficterra.
Grab your controllers and get ready to party, Minigame Blast is here! Play solo or up to 8 players in this minigame arcade experience. Explore 16 minigames in multiple game modes. Take on your friends in Versus or brave the games together in Cooperative.
Unlock upgrades, talents and colours for your towers to defend against scores of enemies. Battle on over 50 maps of varying difficulty, plus make your own or download more from the workshop
Get ready to gallop through scenic locations with your majestic horse to find all the hidden animals! Travel through a variety of different landscapes to unlock horses, hair colors, levels, spirits and worlds.
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