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Ubiquitous Medical

        A Novel by Dale Moore

A brilliant researcher isolated in search of a cure. The star of a media parody broadcast with a favourite target.  A young couple with decisions to make about their children's future. The corporate executive driven by his vision.

Such is the influence of Ubiquitous Medical.

UbiquiMed: We're Everywhere, For You!

The world had changed. A violence plagued nation, torn apart by a financial crisis, struggled to find its way back. Disease and poverty were rampant. Government assistance led to government intervention.

Thus emerged Ubiquitous Medical, a federally funded health organization designed to fill every need of a desperate public.

Ubiquitous Medical - A Thriller 
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Praise for the 'Ubiquitous Medical':

"UBIQUITOUS MEDICAL is a fast paced ride that will keep you guessing. Twists and turns keep you on the edge of your seat, while the characters grow and deepen with every page. Dale J. Moore's voice shines through in this unique tale of a chilling future.

   -  Gemma Halliday, award winning author of the High Heels Mysteries