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Life of the Party:

      Written by Maureen P. Moore

Outgoing? Gorgeous? Enjoy P/T evening work? Good fun! Good pay! THIS IS PERFECTLY LEGAL!  The ad in the Toronto paper sounds just about perfect for Katrina. Except for the  outgoing  part. Desperate to escape a creepy roommate and a scary landlord, she must find some way to supplement her meager cafe salary to flee to a new apartment.

Eye-popping beautiful but woefully shy, when Katrina is hired as a professional guest (aka PEST) for a company called Life of the Party, her nerves get the best of her. Before she can make a total fool of herself and lose her new job, she's saved by a dashing and mysterious stranger who vanishes into the night.

With the help of her newfound friend and fellow PEST Cathy, Katrina tries desperately to find her mystery man. Her search, and her life, gets disrupted by the nefarious affairs of her roommates, landlord, and new boss. Along the way, Katrina learns that she may be shy - but she's certainly no wallflower.

Praise for the 'Trials of Katrina' series:

"Katrina is a hoot! She'll have you rooting for her ..."

      - Nancy J. Cohen, Author of the Bad Hair Day mystery series?
Book 1: Trials of Katrina Series