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Bubbles Book 2: Danger at Christmas

        A Novel by Dale J. Moore

A human boy, a magical Bubble girl, and lives in danger! How far would you go to save someone close?

Eight-year-old Benjay Marshall is back for another adventure with the Bubbles!
Having missed Christmas battling cancer the past two years, Benjay is excited to celebrate all the holiday traditions with his family. Happy Christmas activities take a perilous turn with a robbery at the century-old bank where Benjay’s mother works.

Benjay’s new Bubble friend Peepers has a terrible feeling that her human friend is in danger. Her fears intensify with the ominous vision from a visiting Elder. With a secret motive, the Bubble Elders launch a mission to verify the vision. Peepers and her older brother Fret leave to investigate the curious vision, not knowing the danger they will encounter. All they know are their orders: keep Benjay safe.

Stopping the robbers seems like a monumental task for an eight-year-old boy with a prosthetic leg and his clever twelve-year-old sister. Can Benjay and Lindsay foil the robbery? Can they rescue their mother? Will the Bubbles be able to help?

If you love Pixar movies, you’ll enjoy this touching family adventure.

Bubbles 2: Danger at Christmas juggles suspense and humour, with the usual dose of mayhem for Benjay and the Bubbles. Sure to be enjoyed by both boys and girls.

Ideal for middle-grade children aged 8-13 but entertaining for all ages.

Order today to continue your journey with the Bubbles! Available for Kindle or print.

Book 2: Bubbles Series 
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