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Bubbles 1: A Story of Wonder

        A Novel by Dale J. Moore

A boy and his family, magical creatures with special abilities, and environmental crooks.

What if your new best friend was a Bubble – one that talked and flew? How would you get anyone, especially your parents, to believe you?

Seven-year-old Benjay Marshall wishes people treated him normally. He feels normal; he’s just missing part of his leg after dealing with cancer. Fueled by an overactive imagination and a humourous way of expressing himself, Benjay’s life takes an extraordinary turn due to a chance encounter with a magical Bubble. As he learns more about the Bubbles, the more he realizes his family will think he’s simply spinning another tall tale.

With his father in grave danger from crooks sabotaging his environmental project, how does Benjay make his family trust that Bubbles are not only real, but are possibly the only chance to save the day?

An uplifting children’s adventure

Bubbles 1: A Story of Wonder is a page-turner, exhibiting healthy doses of humour, wonder, and mayhem along the way. Sure to be enjoyed by both boys and girls.

Book 1: Bubbles Series
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